Book Independent mobile pet groomers in your area

Benefits of booking a mobile grooming appointment

More Convenience

Booking an appointment that works with your schedule is quick and easy. Services are available where you are, whether at your home or office, giving you the most convenient experience.

Less Stress

No more stressful trips to and from the groomer, mobile service eliminates the need to make your pet ride in the car or stay in an unfamiliar place. Don’t stress about finding time that works for you either; Pawgo’s groomers are available seven days a week.

Happier Pets

Every pet gets one-on-one attention with an experienced groomer while staying close to a place they are familiar with. No distractions from the attention and care your pet deserves.

Specialized care for your special friends

Custom Care
Customized grooming services are available wherein you can include all or some of these services, or ask for extra ones.

For cats and dogs that can't tolerate car rides and traffic, having Pawgo mobile grooming services come to you will alleviate their stress and put them at ease. Convenient home, office, and curbside mobile grooming is available from our grooming partners seven days a week.

The mobile cat and dog salons can accommodate all breeds and sizes and are properly cleaned and disinfected after every grooming service. Our groomer's full-service mobile salons will also help you save emergency veterinary bills as any issues and abnormalities with your pet are spotted early on, so the treatment can be started right away before it is too late.

Your cat or dog is part of your family, so we take the time to truly treat your pet with the love and tender care they deserve. That's why our mobile groomers never use cages or harsh chemicals. Well-trained local mobile groomers offer exceptional service in a stress-free environment with full comfort in the safety of your own driveway. Mobile salons are equipped with air conditioning and heat, self-contained power, hot and cold water, and a hydraulic grooming table.

Custom Care
Customized grooming services are available wherein you can include all or some of these services, or ask for extra ones.

for cats:

Cat claw trimming
Flea and tick elimination
Cat-safe shampoo & conditioner
Medicated bath if needed
Ear cleaning
Hot oil treatments
Shedding solution
Professional haircut
Anal glad expression
Full dermal inspection
Brushing and combing
Relaxing hand-fluff drying

for dogs:

On-site grooming assessment
Brushing out knots and debris
Teeth brushing
Medicated baths
Mobile dog wash
Hand blowdry
Eye cleaning
Nail trimming
Teeth brushing
Dental plaque removal
De-shedding treatment
Pampering massage
Flea and tick treatment
Ear cleaning
Hot oil treatment
100% cage-free
Tasty treat (with your approval)