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At Pawgo, we understand that your pet is more than just an animal – they're a cherished part of your family. That's why we use only the highest quality products and techniques tailored to meet the unique needs of each pet. Our commitment to excellence and love for animals shines through in every service we offer, making us the go-to mobile pet grooming solution in El Monte.

Praise from our satisfied customers:

I am thoroughly pleased with the service provided by Pawgo. The grooming session was a success, resulting in a beautifully groomed and happy pet. The care and attention given to my pet during the grooming process were remarkable.
Grigor Ataryan
Grigor Ataryan
Very pleased with this mobile service! Friendly, on time, did a beautiful grooming on my dog, just as I requested. Will definitely be using this service again.
Linda Morrill
Linda Morrill
Amanda was awesome! Maggie didn't have a great first experience with another grooming company and was now scared. We thought we would give Amanda with Pawgo a try, we are so happy we did. We will definitely be using this service and Amanda from now on.
Dawn Edwards
Dawn Edwards
Kyra is amazing, my dogs have never looked better!
tami goldring
tami goldring
Great service. My 2 dogs loved the groomer. Timely and did an excellent job. I definitely recommend them.
Marcus Rieker
Marcus Rieker
If you have a pet that is overly anxious, the Mesa Mobile Pet Grooming is for you. They are extremely professional and capable. Thanks, Kyra. My dog Buddy looks very handsome.
Cathy Delaney
Cathy Delaney
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Meet El Monte

Nestled in the heart of California, El Monte is a vibrant city that boasts a warm and welcoming community perfect for both residents and their pets. With its pleasant climate and array of outdoor spaces, it's an ideal location for Pawgo mobile grooming services. Our team loves working in El Monte, where the sun shines bright and the people are as friendly as their four-legged companions.

Location & Climate

El Monte's geographical position in California ensures it enjoys a moderate climate year-round. With mild winters and warm summers, it's always a good time for pet grooming. The consistent weather allows us to schedule appointments flexibly, ensuring that your pet can look their best no matter the season.


The city of El Monte has a rich history that dates back to the mid-19th century. It has grown from a small farming community into a bustling urban center while maintaining its historical charm. This blend of old and new makes El Monte a fascinating place to explore with your pet after their grooming session.

Fun Facts

Did you know that El Monte was once known as "The End of the Santa Fe Trail"? This historical fact adds to the city's charm. Here are some more fun tidbits:

El Monte is home to the oldest remaining residence in Los Angeles County.

The city played a significant role during the California Gold Rush.

It's known as the birthplace of TV variety shows.

Transportation options

Getting around El Monte with your pet is a breeze, thanks to a variety of transportation options. The city's well-connected transit system includes buses and shuttles that accommodate pets, making it easy to explore with your furry friend by your side.

For those who prefer driving, El Monte boasts an extensive network of roads and highways that connect to major destinations within California. And with Pawgo mobile grooming services, you won't even need to travel for your pet's grooming needs – we come to you!

Things to Do

El Monte offers an abundance of activities that you can enjoy with your pet. From scenic parks to cultural events, there's always something happening in this lively city.


Explore the beauty of El Monte with these must-visit attractions:

The Whittier Narrows Nature Center – A haven for nature lovers.

Lambert Park – Perfect for a leisurely stroll with your pet.

The El Monte Historical Museum – Discover the city's past.

Iconic Landmarks

El Monte's iconic landmarks are not to be missed:

The El Monte Legion Stadium – A historical venue with rich musical heritage.p>

The Valley Mall – A bustling center of commerce and community events.

The Pioneer Cemetery – A glimpse into the city's history.

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Museums and Cultural Institutions

Immerse yourself in culture at these institutions:

The American Military Museum – Honoring our nation's heroes.

The El Monte Cultural Arts Center – Showcasing local talent.

The Historical Society Museum – Preserving El Monte's legacy.

Outdoor Activities

Enjoy these outdoor activities with your pet:

Hiking at Peck Road Water Conservation Park.

Picnicking at Arceo Park.

Bird watching at Rio Hondo River Trail.

Events and Festivals

Join in on these exciting events:

The Annual El Monte Fall Festival.

The Summer Concert Series at Tony Arceo Memorial Park.

The Holiday Parade and Winter Wonderland event.

Entertainment and Nightlife

Experience El Monte's vibrant nightlife:

Catch a movie at Starlite Drive-In Theater.

Enjoy live music at local bars and restaurants.

Attend special events at Grace T. Black Auditorium.

Dining and Culinary Experiences

Savor these culinary delights:

Local food trucks offering diverse cuisines.

Pet-friendly cafes with special treats for your companion.

Seasonal food festivals celebrating local produce.

Your Pet and the City

El Monte is not just people-friendly; it's pet-friendly too! With numerous parks and open spaces, it's a fantastic city for pets to live and play. As Pawgo mobile grooming service, we're proud to contribute to the well-being of El Monte's pet community.

Dog Parks

El Monte's dog parks are a paradise for your pooch:

The El Monte Dog Park – A spacious area for dogs to run and socialize.

Fletcher Park – Offers a dedicated space for small and large dogs.

Pet Stores

Find everything you need at local pet stores:

Paws & Claws Emporium – A one-stop-shop for pet supplies.

The Pet Haven – Offering a range of organic and specialty products.

Pet Clinics

Ensure your pet's health with these clinics:

El Monte Veterinary Clinic – Providing comprehensive care for your pets.

Happy Tails Animal Hospital – Known for their compassionate service.

Travel Tips for El Monte

Traveling with your pet in El Monte is easy with these tips:
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Always keep your pet leashed in public areas for safety.

Make sure to carry water and snacks for your pet during outings.

Seasonal Considerations

Plan your visit keeping in mind the seasonal changes:

Summer months can be warm, so schedule outdoor activities during cooler hours.

Winters are mild, but it's still important to keep your pet warm and comfortable.

Sustainable Travel and Eco-Friendly Options

El Monte encourages sustainable practices:

Opt for eco-friendly pet products available at local stores.

Participate in community clean-up events to keep the city green.

Ready to have a pleasant time with your pet?

Now, it's time to take action. Show your pet how much you care by investing time and effort into their grooming routine. And if you're looking for the utmost convenience, book an appointment with Pawgo. Your pet will thank you with wagging tails and endless affection.
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