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Welcome to Pawgo, your trusted partner in keeping your furry friends looking their best in the sunny city of Downey, California.

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I am thoroughly pleased with the service provided by Pawgo. The grooming session was a success, resulting in a beautifully groomed and happy pet. The care and attention given to my pet during the grooming process were remarkable.
Grigor Ataryan
Grigor Ataryan
Very pleased with this mobile service! Friendly, on time, did a beautiful grooming on my dog, just as I requested. Will definitely be using this service again.
Linda Morrill
Linda Morrill
Amanda was awesome! Maggie didn't have a great first experience with another grooming company and was now scared. We thought we would give Amanda with Pawgo a try, we are so happy we did. We will definitely be using this service and Amanda from now on.
Dawn Edwards
Dawn Edwards
Kyra is amazing, my dogs have never looked better!
tami goldring
tami goldring
Great service. My 2 dogs loved the groomer. Timely and did an excellent job. I definitely recommend them.
Marcus Rieker
Marcus Rieker
If you have a pet that is overly anxious, the Mesa Mobile Pet Grooming is for you. They are extremely professional and capable. Thanks, Kyra. My dog Buddy looks very handsome.
Cathy Delaney
Cathy Delaney
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Meet Downey

Nestled in the bustling heart of California, Downey is a vibrant city just as sunny as its state's reputation. With an average of 286 days of sunshine a year, it's the perfect spot for people and pets to bask in the warm glow of endless summer days.

The climate here is Mediterranean, meaning mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers. It's ideal for outdoor activities with your furry friends, ensuring they get plenty of exercise and sunshine throughout the year.

Location & Climate

Downey is located in the southeast of Los Angeles County, boasting an enviable central and serene location. The city's climate complements its location beautifully, offering residents a comfortable living, working, and playing environment.

With temperatures rarely dipping below 45 °F or soaring above 85°F, Downey's weather is as mild as it gets. This makes it an excellent place for pet grooming, as pets can enjoy services year-round without worrying about extreme weather conditions.


Downey's roots run deep, with rich historical threads woven into the city's fabric. It was named after California Governor John Gately Downey and has a legacy of innovation and growth.

From its early days as an agricultural community to its modern status as a thriving city, Downey has always been a place of progress. It's home to the oldest still operational McDonald's and was once a hub for aerospace pioneers like The Boeing Company.

Fun Facts

Did you know that Downey was home to the oldest operational McDonald's restaurant in the world? Or that it was once the manufacturing site for the iconic Apollo space capsules?

Oldest McDonald's opened in 1953

Apollo space capsules built here

Home to The Carpenters, a famous music duo

Transportation options

Getting around Downey is a breeze with multiple transportation options available. The city is served by several major freeways, making car travel convenient for residents and visitors alike.

Things to Do

There's never a dull moment in Downey! From shopping and dining to arts and culture, there's something for everyone.


Downey is full of attractions that cater to all interests. You'll find it here whether you're looking for family-friendly fun or solo adventures.

Columbia Memorial Space Center

Wilderness Park

Downey Theatre

Iconic Landmarks

Downey's landmarks tell the story of a city rich in culture and history.

World's oldest McDonald's

Downey Historical Society

Rives Mansion

Thumbnail Image of The Mansion by Pawgo

Museums and Cultural Institutions

Immerse yourself in Downey's cultural scene with visits to its museums and institutions.

Downey Museum of Art

Downey History Center

Stay Gallery

Outdoor Activities

Take advantage of the sunny weather with outdoor activities galore.

Furman Park

Rio San Gabriel Park

Golf at Rio Hondo Golf Club

Events and Festivals

Celebrate with Downey at its many events and festivals throughout the year.

International Food & Music Festival

Dia de los Muertos Art Festival

Christmas Parade

Entertainment and Nightlife

Experience the vibrant nightlife that Downey has to offer.

Krikorian Premiere Theatres

Bars and lounges downtown

Live music venues

Dining and Culinary Experiences

Indulge in culinary delights at Downey's diverse array of dining options.

Porto's Bakery & Café

Lock & Key Social Drinkery + Kitchen

Gaucho Grill Argentine Steakhouse

Your Pet and the City

Downey is a pet lover's paradise with plenty of amenities designed with your furry friend in mind.

Dog Parks

Let your dog run free at one of Downey's dog parks. Check out Downey Dog Park for a safe and fun environment for your pet to socialize.

Pet Stores

From high-end boutiques to budget-friendly shops, Downey has a variety of pet stores to cater to your pet's every need. Whether you're looking for organic food options or stylish accessories, you'll find it here.

Our mobile grooming service partners with local stores to provide you with exclusive deals on products that complement our grooming services. Keep an eye out for our special offers!

Pet Clinics

Downey boasts several top-notch pet clinics that offer a range of services, from routine check-ups to emergency care. Our grooming services often collaborate with local veterinarians to ensure your pet's health and beauty go hand-in-hand.

For professional veterinary services, we recommend the Downey Animal Care Center.
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Travel Tips for Downey

When traveling to Downey, it's important to remember a few tips to ensure a smooth trip for you and your pet.

Seasonal Considerations

While the weather is generally pleasant year-round, be mindful of occasional hot days where extra care is needed for your pets.

Sustainable Travel and Eco-Friendly Options

Consider eco-friendly travel options like public transportation or carpooling when exploring Downey with your pet.

Ready to have a pleasant time with your pet?

Now, it's time to take action. Show your pet how much you care by investing time and effort into their grooming routine. And if you're looking for the utmost convenience, book an appointment with Pawgo. Your pet will thank you with wagging tails and endless affection.
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