Make passive income from your grooming van on its off days. 

Your van is fully covered by an A++ carrier
Become a Pawgo Pal

Who are Pawgo Pals®?

Pawgo Pals are owners of mobile grooming vans making passive income from their investment by partnering with Pawgo

You provide the van. We do the rest.

1) Groomer Recruitment

We will maximize the utilization of your van so you can earn without having to groom

2) Fill up calendars

Watch customers automatically book time on the groomer's calendar on

3) Get Paid Weekly

Direct Deposit every Wednesday. Detailed and Transparent Reports. 

You are ALWAYS in control

Stay in the know with Petista Vision and remote start/stop. 

24/7 GPS and Video online portal access
Set mileage, usage and cleaning policies 
Remote start and stop with geo-fences

Flexible vehicle sharing plans

Make your van available full-time, part-time or just one day

Set vehicle availability based on your schedule (like an AirBnb) 
Charge as a percentage of income or flat fee per day
Make additional income by selling supplies or renting tools

Stop managing groomers.

We manage the entire day to day of the grooming business 

Groomer schedules and support
Customer satisfaction and rebooks
Payments, tax forms and accounting

Your Responsibilities

Stay involved as much or as little as you want. 

Maintenance expense
4% Management Fee 
Insurance underwritten by us. Paid for by you. 

"I've been grooming for over 25 years. This app makes life easier because I have my grandkids living with me. It's easy to see my schedule & take time off."

"All my clients in LA are 100% credit cards. I like the fact that I get paid every day. I've tried other apps. Most of them have very similar features. I just like the flexibility and the fact I prefer cats is showcased."

"I like to take the month of August off because it gets HOT in AZ. I like the fact that my flexibility is built into the app. I don't do cats & doodles. And I like the fact that I can avoid those breeds."

Passive income every week

Automatic deposits

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FREE Virtual Receptionist

Focus more on your business and less on administrative work. We are happy to book clients who prefer to schedule over the phone.

Call support for bookings & reservations
Reduce stress & free up your day
Appointments scheduled around your settings & preferences

How does it work?

Sign up through Petista to get approved
Quickly set your grooming preferences
Easily manage clients, appointments & payments

What is the timeline?  Introduce timeline graphic here...   

Ready to become a Pawgo Pal? Sign up today!

Become a Pawgo Pal


Are there any limitations?

We include all the features. Unlimited customers. No appointment limits. Unlimited service & assistance. No set up fees.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! Plus, our credit card processing rates are the lowest around. Which means you get to keep more of what you make.

Do you offer help and support?

Yes! We offer live U.S. based tech support through Petista. Call (480) 296-2045 or send an email to

Do I have to wrap my van or truck with the Pawgo brand?

Absolutely not. Wrap your van your way! As a Pawgo Pal, your business is still front and center. Simply stick our bumper sticker on your van after you register, and you’re good to go. If you don’t yet have a van, give us a call. We have leasing & financing options available.

What about my existing customers?

You can integrate existing customers in three simple ways. You can send us a list and we’ll set up them for you, you can add them manually, or you can invite your clients to book online through your personal Pawgo webpage.