A local business owner is waiting to pay you to use your mobile grooming van.

Pawgo Van
$200 / Day
$1000 / Week
$4,000 / Month
$40,000 / Year
Become a Pawgo Pal

What are Pawgo Pals®?

Pawgo Pals are owners of mobile grooming vans making passive income from their investment by partnering with Pawgo to:

Run the business
Maintain the van
Find the groomer
Manage the groomer
Schedule customers
All you have to do is approve repair.
Van revenues will be deposited into your bank account EVERY WEEK

Pawgo Will

Find the groomer(s)

You let us know which days the van is available, and we'll work to keep it filled with talent.

Manage the Groomer(s)

From van complaints to difficult customers, we'll handle the entire relationship with the groomer.

Fill their calendar

Using out online booking engine and local marketing, we ensure that groomers calendar remains full ensuring your weekly revenue.
Mobile Grooming Van
Groomer Recruitment 
We will find a groomer for your van with: 
2 years of grooming experience
Verified references
Clean MVR check
Clean background check

Groomer Management
We manage the entire day to day of the grooming business from onboarding them to the van to dealing with customers and even payments, tax forms and accounting.
You provide the van
We've got the grooming business covered.
grooming management
Pawgo grooming van
Van Management
We'll ensure that your van stays on the road by coordinating with local vendors to complete preventative maintenance, track daily mileage maintaining cleaning standards and providing you 24/7 GPS and camera visibility
We'll ensure that your van stays on the road by coordinating with local vendors to complete preventative maintenance, track daily mileage maintaining cleaning standards and providing you 24/7 GPS and camera visibility
Auto & Business Insurance

Have peace of mind while your van is in use:

$1 Million Auto Liability Insurance  
$1 Million Business Liability Insurance
$0 Deductible 
Full Coverage for Van and all Grooming Equipment Inside
Jennifer S (2 Vans)
$2,000 revenue last week
I've been trying to grow my mobile business in Chicago  or year but groomer retention has always been an issue. Pawgo has offered me an alternative that has allowed me to grow to more vans that i could have ever hoped with significantly less work.
JEREMY W (1 Van)
$500 revenue last week
I finally saved up enough money grooming to buy my own van but i only use it about 4 days per week. Pawgo helped me create a revenue stream for myself so i can make money from my van on my days off.
Shekhar fleetowner
Shekhar R (3 Vans)
$3,000 revenue last week
I noticed the incredible demand in mobile pet grooming and and wanted to invest. Pawgo built my vans out, found the groomers and continues to maintain the relationship. All i need to do is make sure the vans stay on the road and the money keeps coming!

Stay in the know with Petista Vision

Online Portal With:

GPS visibility
Trip Monitor
24/7 Live Camera Feed
Mileage overages
Choose your level of engagement
Be involved in growing the grooming business, or just approve expenses. Its up to you.
Be Passive
Invest in the van (or provide your van)  
Approve expenses 
or Be Active
Invest in the van (or provide your van)
Approve expenses
Meet & train groomers
Work with maintenance vendors
Estimated Expenses
As a Pawgo Pal your only expenses are keeping the vehicle on the road, paying for the insurance, and your fee for the platform (10%). See below for a sample monthly net return. Based on our average maintenance expense of $300 per month, and a groomer sourced with a good driving record.
Van Gross Revenue
$4,000 / Month
Pawgo Fee
Maintenance Expense
Insurance Expense
Net Income

With a net income of $39,000 / year on an investment of about $70,000 you are looking at an annual return of 55%!
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  • Pawgo Van

The Process

It will take approximately 3 months for your van to ramp up to targeted revenue

1) Submit van pictures + VIN to determine insurance eligibility
T = 0

2) Van is approved & availability is confirmed
T + 3 days

3) Search for candidate begins
T + 1 Wk

4) Eligible candidate found 
T + 3 Wks

5) Business ramp up begins
T + 4 Wks

6) Van revenue realizes
T + 12 Wks

The Process

6 months from initial investment time to reach ideal rental revenue  

1) Decide how much you want to invest 
($14.000) min

2) Grooming units are sourced and building begin

6) Van revenue realizes

3) Equipment build out complete & talent acquisition begins

4) Approved candidate 

5) Business ramp up begins

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Become a Pawgo Pal


What if the groomer damages my van/equipment?

We will run a background check and 5 year MVR record on every candidate and if they do not pass certain requirements
they will not be permitted to drive your vehicle. From when the groomer picks up your vehicle, to when the drop it off, it will
be covered by Pawgo's Fleet Insurance program covering up to the full cost of your vehicle should something happen as
well as up to $500,000 Auto Liability in case of an accident. If anything happens to your van or the contents within it we
will promptly file an insurance claim against our insurance and you will be compensated.

What if a pet or groomer gets hurt?

Any injuries to a pet would be protected by Pawgo and a $1 Million General Liability Policy with $10 Million excess
liability coverage. Groomers will be provided resources for acquiring a personal workers compensation policy but,
depending on your state, may not be required to pursue. The groomer signs extensive documentation absolving you &
Pawgo of any liability associated with their personal injury.

Can I be a part of the business?

Yes! Depending on the investment type you choose, you can put as many hours as you'd like into your fleet rental business.
Some activities you could engage in include: picking up phone calls, training candidates to use your van, communicating
with groomers to get van feedback, and even sourcing vendors to work on vans. Of course these are all optional and if you
would like to just invest passively, Pawgo can take care of everything for you.

What if I decide this is not a fit?

If at any point you wish to exit the engagement and liquidate your assets, Pawgo will work with you to either purchase the
vehicles from you, or search for another investor who can buy the vehicles from you. We don't anticipate you wanting to
exit once you've seen the consistent returns, but in case you do, we can assure you that your vehicles will hold value.