Mobile Dog Grooming

Mobile Salon Grooming Service To Make Your Dog Feel Their Furry Best

Pawgo understands that it could be stressful for your dog and you to bring your pet in the car and drop it off at a loud and busy groom shop with other pets waiting. Your furry baby may get stressed even before the grooming starts! Pawgo mobile pet grooming for dogs believes that pet grooming is healthier for dogs and more convenient for pet parents when delivered at home. That’s why, our mobile dog grooming Scottsdale comes to your driveway, and grooms your dog right there.

Our fully-equipped mobile dog salon comes to you, and our local mobile groomers for dogs work on one pet at a time, ensuring ultimate comfort and a heavenly experience for your pet baby. Your furry friend is in good hands as we work from the comfort of your home, office, or even kerbside!

Our mobile dog grooming Scottsdale service is excellent for anxious pets as well seniors. Pawgo full-service dog grooming gives top priority to the best interest and safety of your furry baby, and does not give them any treatment they refuse to.

Our full-service dog grooming includes:

  • On-site grooming assessment
  • Brushing out of knots and debris
  • Teeth brushing
  • Medicated baths
  • Local mobile dog wash
  • Hand blow dry body
  • Clean eyes
  • Teeth brushing
  • Dental plaque removal without anesthesia
  • De-shedding treatment
  • Pampering massage
  • Flea and tick treatment
  • Clean ears
  • Hot oil treatment
  • Nail trimming
  • 100% cage-free, one-on-one grooming
  • Tasty treat (with your approval)

 Local mobile dog wash is especially useful for pets with long hair. Customized full grooming for dogs is available, wherein you can choose all or exclude some of the above services offered by Pawgo mobile dog grooming. We also offer extra services, such anal gland expression, and also groom cats!

Mobile dog salon with luxurious facilities

Each of our mobile dog salons is custom-fitted with hydraulic tables, air-conditioning and heat, and clean water. So, our mobile dog salon will not need to plug into your in-house power supply or face water hookups amidst the grooming. All tools, equipment, and surfaces used by our mobile dog salon are cleaned and sanitized after each grooming session.

Not every dog will tolerate what is included in our full-service dog grooming, and we will not do something when they tell enough is enough. Our regular monthly care by the same groomer will build trust between our groomer and your furry friend, as they learn more about your pet and make them feel comfortable for grooming. Your furry baby will more likely be tolerant of full grooming for dogs.

Monthly subscription to save on grooming costs

Our local mobile dog groomers use safe pet handling and grooming techniques. They are trained to respond to any emergency situation due to aggressive pet behavior or other reasons. Some larger breeds may cost more, and some present an increased risk of injury to our local mobile dog groomers due to temperamental and behavioral issues, and will be charged on a case by case basis. Monthly subscription plan is available that will not only reduce the costs for you but also simply the grooming process for your dog.

You can trust Pawgo mobile pet grooming for dogs for all your pet grooming needs by trained and professional groomers. We are more than just a full-service dog grooming, we care for your dog with the love and care they deserve as the loveliest member of your family, we are pet owners too! Our full-service dog grooming is available to you seven days a week.

Thanks for choosing Pawgo as your best friend’s groomers!

Have questions about Pawgo?

What information is needed to book an appointment?
Have your pet information, A credit or debit card to confirm, select a date & time that works for you and confirm. You are charged only after service day. Authorize the final amount with your groomer, add a tip if need be and you are done.
I live in an apartment. Do you need to plugin to an outlet?
No. We have a selection of vans that run on generator power and are all independent from the grid. Our generators are powerful enough to run a small A/C unit so that your pet and our groomers are comfortable through the process. Please specify if you do live in an apartment.
Do your vans have AC, hot water?

All our vans are self-contained with hot water, AC, waste water tanks, a grooming table. See a video of our van

How long does it take to groom a pet?
It varies by breed & size. A full groom takes anywhere between 1 – 2 hours per pet. A bath & tidy is about 1 hour – 1.5 hours
Do we administer tranquilizers?
No, we don’t. If you have an anxious, aggressive or hyper active pet, we recommend that you provide your vet recommended tranquilizer 1 hour prior to the appointment. We do reserve the right to refuse service if we are unable to effectively control your pet.
Do you have service 7 days a week?
Yes, we do. Please make sure to book in advance if you need weekend appointments.

Have questions about Pawgo?

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